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On 11 September 2001, the enemies of freedom committed an act of war against the United States of America. Many, both in this country and abroad, claim that America bears responsiblilty for this attack. This is nonsense. This nation has never done anything to warrant the murders of so many of our citizens. We are not perfect. America is a work in progress. Our sins, such as they are, have been or will be washed away in good works. And more than any other nation in history, we have brought the blessings of prosperity and liberty to more of the world than has ever known it before. Many different people, of many different creeds, have come to our shores to live in freedom. For our trouble, we are reviled. Many think we are arrogant, decadent, and ignorant. We are called imperialists, hegemonists, or conquerors. But we are none of these things. The false beliefs of the rest of the world do not put the burden of responsibility for the evils of the world on our shoulders. We have never sought conquest. We lead by example. We support our allies. We defend the weak. Our choice of allies has often been driven by expediency, but the world is an imperfect place.

For some time, we have had the power to make the world over in our image. Up to now we have been content to show the world the benefits of our way of life by example and to use force only in answer to aggression against ourselves or our allies. Some believe that this makes us their enemies. But we were not their enemies until they made us so. We would happily have left them to their own way of life, to their own culture, even to their own folly, as long as they did no harm to us or our friends. But some believe that our existence is a threat to them. They will not suffer us to live. Very well. They will find that they live at our sufferance. The believe that we have stolen our prosperity from them, and that it is only by their forbearance that we are allowed to keep it. They have awakened a sleeping giant, and they will find that whatever peace and prosperity they enjoy, it is at our forbearance. They will feel our wrath, and they will pray for the day when that wrath is quelled. Pray for God's mercy for our enemies, because they will receive no more mercy from us.

God bless America

Introductions, please.

Browsing the Web is a fascinating experience. You can find more information than you ever thought you needed. Especially on personal web pages. Think about it. The author believes that his life is interesting enough that the entire world would want to know about it.

In any case, I bothered to register the domain, so I might as well use it.

If you are at all interested in what I think, keep reading. If not, why not check out the Dilbert web site. Then you can go back to downloading pics of naked women.

Who is Anthony Curran?

Anthony at the airport image

Anthony at the airport

Anthony and Computer image

Anthony at his computer

Personal Information

I am thirty-five years old, and I live in Lewisville, Texas (northwest of Dallas).

I belong to several organizations. These include the U. S. Naval Institute and the Klingon Language Institute.

Favorite Music

My tastes in music are eclectic. Most people who say this mean that they listen to various kinds of Rock music. I mean eclectic. I listen to Rock, Punk, Funk, Country, Blues, Motown, Reggae, Classical, Swing, Dixieland Jazz, Zydeco, and Irish Drinking Songs. I even like bagpipes and didgeridoo.

Some of my favorite musicians are k. d. lang, Harry Connick, Jr., Squirrel Nut Zippers, B. B. King, The Who, Clint Black, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, The Eagles, Poe, Portishead, John Lee Hooker, and The Presidents of the United States of America.

Favorite Artists

My favorite artists are Frederic Remington and Auguste Rodin. I also like Australian aboriginal art. That's about as much as I can say on the subject of art.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies, in no particular order, are "The Quiet Man" , "Casablanca" , "Alien" , "Blade Runner" , "Jaws" , and "Fantasia".


My family has a new addition named Patrick. Patrick is my nephew, and has pretty much taken over our lives. My brother has been nagging me to put pictures of Patrick on my site, so here he is.

Patrick, The Überbaby
Patrick image 1
Patrck image 2


I have had a number of pets in my life. Most have been dogs, but I'm not a cat-hater. I have known several cats that were very cool. Particularly Socks (RIP, who belonged to the Garrets in Port Aransas, Tx) and Don Gato ( who belongs to my brother in Austin, Tx). But dogs have always been my favorite animal friends. I have heard it said that God made one great mistake, and that was to make dog's lives so short.

Dogs I have lived with in the past and who I miss were Brandy, an Irish Setter; Dixie, a Beagle; and Raggs, a Shih-Tzu.

Shelby, who is pictured below, is my sister-in-law's dog, but since she and my brother can't have a dog in their Austin apartment, she lives with my family in Lewisville. She is probably the smartest dog I know, and she is quite a character. If you want to know who is in charge at my house, just look below.

Shelby, The Queen
Shelby image 1
Shelby image 2
We have a new dog in our house named Brandy. She is a Golden Retriever and was rescued from the pound. Shelby is not very happy with the situation ( Brandy has a tendency to smack Shelby with her tail), but hopefully she can get used to it.

Brandy, the galumpus
Shelby image 1

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